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Facial Treatments

Feel confident again with a natural, fresher, younger look...
... without the stress of surgery

Seeing wrinkles and creases every time you look in the mirror can affect your confidence.

Maybe you worry about smiling because you think it makes your wrinkles more pronounced. The natural signs of ageing and the effects of harsh weather conditions, sun damage, smoking, "over expression" and stress can all make you feel jaded.

At Bishopsgate Dental Care, we offer a range of facial treatments that could help you to combat "the tired look" and start smiling with confidence again.

They range from wrinkle reduction Botox® injections to "facial slimming", from lip plumping to nose recontouring and "non-surgical face lifts".

Some of our patients say we made them look 10 years younger within minutes.

Male and female patients alike say they love the results of these well-established treatments... and they say they love feeling a more youthful glow.

We offer a selection of treatments to help you to look - and feel - fresh, bright and back to your best.

And you could achieve all this without the worry and recovery time of surgery.

All our simple, natural-looking treatments take less than an hour.

Our facial treatments could help to boost your confidence as you try to climb the career ladder.

Why facial treatments?

With safe and subtle facial treatments from Bishopsgate Dental Care:

  • You could look - and feel - younger after one visit.
  • You can deal with the frustration of seeing pronounced wrinkles in the mirror and in photographs.
  • You can enjoy a healthy glow with smoother, tighter skin...
  • ... reduce your wrinkles and sagging jowls...
  • ... and stimulate your natural collagen production.
  • We can help to brighten tired eyes, enhance your lips, add natural-looking volume and fullness to cheeks, reduce gummy smiles and provide migraine relief.
  • You can get natural-looking results that can give you new confidence at work and while you’re having fun with friends and family.
  • You can enjoy the benefits of treatments that don’t cost as much as you might think.
  • You can feel secure you’re getting the best treatment from our highly-skilled clinician Dr Alexandra Day.
  • Come and see us for a FREE no-obligation consultation.
Bishopsgate Facial Treatment
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